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Different Broaching Machine Types: Their Features and Uses

Broaching machines are machine tools that utilize broaches to cut holes, planes, or the forming of surfaces on workpieces. Broaching is a method of achieving considerable dimensional precision, low roughness of characters, and high efficiency and is suitable for production in mass quantities. Based on the structure, application fields, and functions of broaching machines, they are classified into automatic, hydraulic, hard, and spiral-type of broaching, among others. 

Taizhou Chengchun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. integrates advanced technologies and concepts at home and abroad, specializing in designing, producing, and selling a series of high-end,high-precision broaching machines with a capacity from 5 to 100 tons. Their product range includes fully automated broaching machines, fully digital broaching machines with servos, and helical broaching machines—vertical broaching equipment, hydraulic broaching machines, and horizontal broaching mhtspace devices.

In the following article, we’ll explain the advantages, disadvantages, and uses of these various types of broaching machines one at a time.

Hydraulic Broaching Machine

The drive and transmission systems used in various broaching devices are hydraulic, which we refer to as the hydraulic broaching Machine. Broaching machines require each system, and the component within it is vital thebirdsworld

Numerous features are integrated for a more coordinated operation. This will allow the broaching Machine to run smooth processing and satisfy the demands of top-quality processing. The most crucial component is within the internal systems that make up the Machine for broaching this hydraulic component. 

The reason that the broaching Machine can drive the broaching device to operate at high power and broaching is because of its powerful hydraulic pump as well as a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic pump will provide tremendous force to a hydraulic cylinder, and the hydraulic pressure will cause the entire transmission to function, driving the broach to process it to achieve a high-precision driving result. The advancement in hydraulic drive technologies is quick infosportsworld.

Hard Broaching Machine

The Machine for hard broaching is a high-speed machine that processes extremely precise and high-resistance workpieces. The cutting rate is generally 50-60 m/min for the complicated broaching process.

Automatic Broaching Machine

An automatic broaching machine has been constructed with a completely enclosed, automated broaching center for loading and unloading comprised of the loading system, conveyor belt, unloading systems, and broaching equipment. 

The automatic broaching Machine can be linked to other machines to allow online inspection. The operating surface is minimal, as is the requirement to create pits. The machine tool is fitted with an automatic chip brushing mechanism to extend the Machine’s lifespan.

Continuous Broaching Machine

Continuous broaching machines are advanced ones that can carry out high-efficiency continuous processing of a vast array of workpieces. The broach is usually stationary within the broaching Machine. The workpiece is positioned to an attachment of a conveyor chain, and it moves through the control by the chain output. 

The broaching process is the workpiece following the pre-programmed program. When the process is complete, the controller directs that the conveyor chain advance to remove the final product from the conveyor chain and place the new workpiece in the empty fixture near the beginning place of the conveyor chain and repeats the steps of processing by this procedure to ensure an ongoing processing process of the piece.

Helical broaching Machine

A helical broaching device is utilized to create a spiral spline needed for a part when it is an external spiral shape or an external. The broach, in most cases, is held in place as the component is rotated before being pushed across the broaching device. Some examples of these include gun rifling and spiral interbiography transmission gear.