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Handling Common HOA Complaints with the Help of an HOA Manager

In any HOA community, neighborhood disputes can occur. From noise complaints to pet issues, residents can have issues with their neighbors over time. While the majority of these disputes can be resolved by the concerned parties themselves, other issues are escalated to the board. Thankfully, the board does not have to deal with the burden of resolving neighborhood disputes since they can rely on an experienced HOA manager. Click here if you want to know how a manager can handle such disputes. These disputes include the following:

Noise Complaints

Residents commonly complain about their neighbors making noise due to incessant yard work or late-night parties. Your board can avoid such complaints by setting a certain time that homeowners should keep volumes down like after 10 pm. By designating quiet time or having this curfew, residents have guidelines to follow and avoid disagreements over what’s considered too much noise. 

Pet Complaints

Homeowners with aggressive pets or dogs that tend to bark when everyone’s asleep will get complaints from neighbors. In fact, a lot of neighbors end up in disputes due to pets. To avoid these issues, the HOA board must set clear rules regarding where residents should leash their pets, when to pick up pet waste, and the number of pets they are allowed to have. Such rules must be applied strictly and uniformly. Also, the board must investigate complaints about aggressive pet behavior thoroughly. 

Illegal Activity

HOA boards will also get reports of illegal activity carried out in the community including drug use and gambling. The board must encourage residents to file a complaint with the HOA management company whenever they learn about any illegal activity that can pose a threat to the safety and health of community members. This activity includes criminal activity and discriminatory behaviors. 

Home Exterior Complaints

A lot of people prefer to live in an HOA community as it gives them peace of mind that they have a well-maintained neighborhood and high property values. To retain this standard of living, HOAs have rules regarding how home exteriors should look and be maintained. If a homeowner violates these rules and the exterior of their home looks worse for wear, the board may get complaints from other residents. Common violations include unkempt lawns, overflowing trash cans, and overdue holiday decorations. Whenever the board gets complaints of this nature, they should issue a violation notice to the resident before the complaints begin to flow in.