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How to Deal With a Highway Out of Repair

A highway out of repair means that the surface is defective. It may be because of heavy rain or other adverse conditions. There are different methods to solve this problem. The first step is to contact the highway authority and tell them about the problem.

You can also apply to a magistrate’s court for a hearing. If the authority agrees with your complaint, they will give you a time limit to fix the issue. This can be up to six months. After this period, you can also appeal to the higher court.

In some cases, a special custom can attach an obligation to a particular township or district. This is a form of covenant to keep the premises in repair.

When the authority does not believe that the road is out of repair, they can admit that the route is not out of repair. They may then order the surveyor to make repairs within a specified time.

If the surveyor does not make the repairs, they can be fined. If this is not done, a further order can be made to the highway authority and the complainant can be given a further time frame to complete the repairs.

Then, if the complainant fails to carry out the repairs, the highway authority can apply to the crown court for costs. If the complainant is successful, they can recover these costs from the highway authority.

In this case, the entire process can take more than a year. The state of the weather is a major factor in the amount of time it takes.

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